Doctor Who, Star Wars, Alien … why do we love novelisations?

As a child in the lost age before video on demand, these screen-to-book stories drew me further into sci-fi – as well as many authors working today

Catherine Tate’s Getting Her Own Doctor Who Audio Series

Catherine Tate’s getting her own Doctor Who audio series from Big Finish, as Donna Noble: Kidnapped explores Donna’s adventures without the Doctor.

Giant Doctor Who TARDIS Mug

They always say “it’s bigger on the inside” and with this Giant Doctor Who TARDIS Mug, it certainly is very big on the inside. Positively huge actually, with a 64-ounce capacity.Made of ceramic, this humongous TARDIS Mug is perfect for the thirstiest Dr. Who fan. It can hold 64 ounces of coffee,

Jodie Whittaker Confirms Return for ‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 (Exclusive)

The first female Time Lord is sticking around for at least one more season.

Billie Piper Returns as Rose Tyler for Her Very Own Doctor Who Audio Series

Remember all those years ago when Russell T. Davies had an idea for a Doctor Who spinoff called Rose Tyler: Earth Defence? Well, now Big Finish is kinda sorta bringing that idea back to life, as part of a new series of audio adventures starring Billie Piper.