Jodie Whittaker Confirms Return for ‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 (Exclusive)

The first female Time Lord is sticking around for at least one more season.

Billie Piper Returns as Rose Tyler for Her Very Own Doctor Who Audio Series

Remember all those years ago when Russell T. Davies had an idea for a Doctor Who spinoff called Rose Tyler: Earth Defence? Well, now Big Finish is kinda sorta bringing that idea back to life, as part of a new series of audio adventures starring Billie Piper.

Tom Baker Is Turning His Wild Idea for a Doctor Who Movie Into a Novel

Back in the ‘70s, Tom Baker and Ian Marter—who played the Fourth Doctor’s companion Harry Sullivan—had a truly bonkers idea for a Doctor Who movie. They even wrote a script for it, but it never got made. Now, Baker himself is taking what could’ve been and turning it into a new novel.

Exclusive: Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord is out of this world in ‘Thirteenth Doctor’ comic first look

star Jodie Whittaker’s new version of everyone’s favorite Time Lord is getting her very own comic with Doctor Who: The Thirteenth…

Don’t Blink: Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Wax Figure Is Watching You

That’s not a picture of Jodie Whittaker, Doctor Who’s new star, up there. Seriously. It’s a wax recreation so good that even the Nestene Consciousness itself would be a bit jealous of the handiwork behind it.