Jodie Whittaker Could Exit ‘Doctor Who’ After Next Season (Report)

Jodie Whittaker could depart iconic BBC science fiction series “Doctor Who,” according to a report in U.K. tabloid Daily Mirror. The Mirror reports that the actor’s departure is b…

Today’s Reviews: A Haunting Conclusion

The final story in the first set of the 10th Doctor and River Song adventures sees them travel to the most haunted planet anywhere… Jonathan Morris’ closing story in this set of adventures for David Tennant and Alex Kingston is a spooky tale that wraps the listener in the mysteries it creates – and don’t…

Today’s Reviews: Dalek vs Dalek vs Dalek (vs Doctor)

There’s a lot of internecine conflict for the Daleks in the concluding part of Big Finish’s Time Lord Victorious trilogy Lizzie Hopley’s battle of cat and mouse is a strong end to the Big Finish trilogy of Eighth Doctor adventures. Click here to read our full review Check out our Time Lord Victorious coverage: Click…

Today’s Reviews: The Time Lord Victorious overview

The two BBC Books novels by Steve Cole and Una McCormack have been the backbone of the Time Lord Victorious project, with Una’s out today There’s a lovely camaraderie and banter between the Doctors, and Brian the Odd (and Mr Ball) lights up the pages like a glowing orb whenever taking centre stage. Click here…

The Science of Doctor Who: The Scientific Facts Behind the Time Warps and Space Travels of the Doctor

Geek out over the TARDIS, aliens, alternate timelines, parallel worlds, and all your favorite characters from the Doctor Who Universe!

Doctor Who arrived with the Space Age, when the Doctor first began exploring the universe in a time-traveling spaceship. Over half a century since, the Doctor has gone global. Millions of people across this planet enjoy Doctor Who in worldwide simulcast and cinema extravaganzas. Doctor Who has infused our minds and our language and made it much richer.

What a fantastic world we inhabit through the Doctor. The program boils over withballsy women, bisexual companions, scientific passion, and a billion weird and wonderful alien worlds beyond our own. The show represents almost sixty years’ worth of magical science-fiction storytelling. And Doctor Who is, despite being about a thousands-of-years-old alien with two hearts and a spacetime taxi made of wood, still one of our very best role models of what it is to be human in the twenty-first century.

In The Science of Doctor Who, we take a peek under the hood of the TARDIS and explore the science behind questions such as:

  • What does Doctor Who tell us about space travel?
  • Could the TARDIS really be bigger on the inside?
  • In what ways does the Doctor view the end of our world?
  • Is the Doctor right about alternate timelines and parallel worlds?
  • Will intelligent machines ever rule the earth?
  • Is the earth becoming more like Doctor Who‘s matrix?
  • Is the Doctor a superhero?
  • How do daleks defecate?

So welcome to The Science of Doctor Who, where the Doctor steps smoothly in and out of different realities, faces earthly and unearthly threats with innovation and unpredictability, and successfully uses science in the pay of pacifist resistance!

A reprint for Hinton’s lost Who tale

Craig Hinton’s last novel, Time’s Champion, is set for a reprint, distributed through Telos Publishing. David J. Howe confirmed that a new run would be prepared to benefit the British Heart Foundation: TIME’S CHAMPION is somewhat special to my heart. The original idea for it came from the author Craig Hinton, and it was to…

LEGO Phone Box Kinetic Sculpture Building Instructions

Buy complete set! Instructions and parts: This is a mini kinetic sculpture of a famous spaceship. It uses several simple mechanisms to create complex movements. This set is composed of 213 LEGO pieces. The entire contraption is run using a simple hand crank or it

Review: Doctor Who: Books: The Black Archive #49: The Night of the Doctor

by James Cooray Smith Obverse Books, out now Obverse Books’ ongoing series of monographs focusing on a Doctor Who serial or story hits 2013’s 50th anniversary mini-episode The Night of the Doctor. Author James Cooray Smith certainly set himself a challenge in creating a book about The Night of the Doctor (all seven minutes of…


Doctor Who returns with the comic debut of iconic 70s TV Villain! After narrowly escaping the Weeping Angels and the Autons in 1960s London, the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor must team-up once again to save present-day Earth from being overrun by both the Skithra and the classic aquatic villain, the Sea Devils! Who else can they turn to for help but Rose Tyler: leader of the human resistance!